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Xbox One 1TB External HDD [1000Gb]

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Xbox One 1TB External HDD [1000Gb]
Xbox One 1TB External HDD [1000Gb] Xbox One 1TB External HDD [1000Gb]
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21,500 Ft 22,500 Ft incl. tax (27%)
24 months
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- Running out of space on your Xbox One? The 500GB Xbox One only has 364.8GB of useable space.

- Xbox One doesn't allow you to upgrade the internal Hard Drive, but you can use the Orico Portable HDD to expand your storag

- Pre-formatted for compatibility with Xbox One gaming consoles.

Xbox One External Hard Drive

In My games & apps, you can view content by storage device. To do this, highlight a game or app, press the Menu button on your controller, and then select Manage game. You will then be able to move or copy content between storage devices.

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