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RGB Scart Cable for PS3/ PS2/ PS

SKU: 00368
RGB Scart Cable for PS3/ PS2/ PS
RGB Scart Cable for PS3/ PS2/ PS
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Érd el SD kategóriában a legjobb képet és színt ezzel az RGB SCART kábellel.


Description :
- This RGB Scart Audio/Video Cable features a PS2 connector to fit onto the games console and RGB Scart connector to connect to your TV.
- This cable allows you to enjoy games with a clearer, higher quality display than the composite AV cable that comes with the console.
- Allows you to connect your PS2 to your TV's Scart socket.
- Maximizes picture and sound quality.
- This scart cable with AV box is especially designed to provide a superior connection between your PS2 console and your TV.
- Interface: 1 Scart Connector,1 RGB Connector
- Cable Length: 2M

Package Includes :
1 x RGB Scart Cable for PS3/PS2/PSone

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